Community Garden


Join the team and contribute to this 40 year plus and going strong group! We're a friendly bunch of bananas, or something like that, who love to make great things happen for this group and who each contributes what they have to share. No special skills required, except a big smile on your face because you're a part of a great thing!

Why Become Part of the Team?

We're a Tribe

Because we're a tribe who are all as crazy as you about learning more about growing fabulous healthy plants that we can eat, and who just love to share this passion with our community! We love to connect with others and to make great things happen.

Be the Change you want to See

We believe in contributing something positive to our communities and that to see positive change happen, to make our world a better place, we need to step up and be a part of the solution and help educate others to find that path.

As Thanks

In acknowledgement of your contribution you will have the option of a free household membership to HOGS for the year that you are an active member of the committee.

Home Grown Vegetables

What You'll Be Contributing

Your Ideas

This is where it all happens. Your ideas are what keeps HOGS growing, adapting and ultimately continuing to support the nucleus of our community.

Your Time

Once a month we hold a one hour committee meeting at 11am at the site of that month's field day or other event,  usually 11 meetings per year.  Ideally you'll be available to attend most of these meetings, but you're allowed a holiday now and then too!

In between we communicate via email, phone or messenger to keep the ball rolling and sort out the finer details. You probably won't need more than an hour per week to fulfil your role.

Whilst you'll be expected to function in your role, we operate a fluid group, and if someone is for any reason unavailable for a time, we all pitch in and help out. We all take holidays, so don't worry if you need a break for a bit!

Your Skills

Each committee member will have been elected in a specific or general role (see below). Each person offers their skills through their role, and takes on tasks allocated at each meeting dependent on their skill base and availability.

Committee Roles

Take up  a role and make great things happen! Haven't been on a committee before? Have no experience in a similar role? No problem! Our committee is here to support you, to help you learn your role and enable you to offer your best to the group.


You'll be the face of HOGS, you will chair the monthly committee meeting and generally be a helping hand to the group to ensure we're staying on track and heading in the right direction.

Vice President

You will be the support and fallback for the President should they be unavailable for a time. Plus you'll contribute to the group's general activities in any way you can.


You'll be responsible for the financial management of the group. Tasks include viewing bank statements and the email account to check for new membership payments, writing receipts and updating the members list, sending this members list to the secretary and newsletter editor before each committee meeting, paying bills, presenting a report at each committee meeting, and presenting the annual report to the Public Officer.


You will be the contact person for the group. You will manage emails and general correspondence and communicate with the group. You will set meeting times, take the minutes and distribute to the committee.

Field Day Coordinator

You will source potential field day venues, make contact and book all the events for the year. There is support from the committee in finding field day hosts.

Newsletter Editor

You will compile the newsletter with contributions form the group each month using Mail Chimp.

Website Editor

Manages the website, updates and edits including keeping the current events listed, using the intuitive WIX platform. Full training and support available.

Social Media & Publicity

Manage the social media communications of the group, overseeing our Facebook page, posting upcoming event info and other relevant items.  When required, contacting a provided media list with a press release.

General Committee Member

You will attend the monthly meetings and provide general support for the group, assisting with running field days, contributing ideas and general tasks as you're able.

Come on board!
How to join the Committee...

Each year we welcome new friends to help lead the group through the election of new committee members at each Annual General Meeting, usually in July/August. All positions are declared vacant, so join us for one year or many! 

  1. Become a member or renew your membership with HOGS, here.

  2. Review the positions above and contact us if you'd like more information about a role.

  3. Nominate yourself for a position once nominations are declared open, usually in June/July. Please complete the form below...

  4. Vote for the committee by attending the Annual General Meeting.

  5. Elected candidates will be announced in the newsletter.