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Once a month join us to learn about growing vegetables & fruits, raising farm animals, and how to care for your soil. Meet the farmer, or tour a backyard growers garden. Make friends and exchange produce, ideas and smiles! Open to members and visitors.

New Gokula Farm


Saturday June 18th


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This month’s field day is happening at New Gokula Farm a 500 acre property in Millfield. The project was founded in 1988 with the goal of establishing a self-sufficient Hare Krishna community. In 1990, a spacious rammed earth building was completed which serves as the present temple of worship.

The farm is committed to sustainable practices and self-sufficiency in many areas including food production and water usage. They have vegetable garden, fruit orchard and large grazing pastures for the cattle. There are more than 70 friendly cows and bullocks each with unique personalities. They attribute this to their strong beliefs on the principle of 'ahimsa' (non-violence). Peacocks free range in this property and we can witness native wildlife occasionally.

This is not just a farm with food production and animal care, but also a place of spiritual activities including soulful music, worship and yoga. Overall, New Gokula is a place to relax and rejuvenate, spend time with Krishna's cows and devotees, nourish spiritual practices and grow in a holistic community of like-minded souls.

Apart from farm activities, we may have an opportunity to stretch ourselves with some simple yoga followed by delicious vegetarian lunch – all organised by volunteers. ​

Join us for the opportunity to experience the volunteer-run farm.


9:30 am Arrival and brief introduction

​10:00 am Yoga session

11:00 am Planting/weeding in vegetable garden and fruit orchard

12:00 pm Feeding cattle​

1.00 pm Lunch (Vegetarian food)

​Bookings for this event are now open. ​

​Due to COVID restrictions, bookings are limited to current financial members. 

If you're not a current member, please visit the Join Us page.

Location details provided in your booking confirmation.  


Field Days Field days are usually held once a month except in January.

Lunch is at 12.30pm, and talks or tours start at 1.15pm. We usually finish by 4pm but you are welcome to leave whenever you like. 

What to bring: A folding chair, lunch and drinks, hat and sturdy shoes, produce to swap/share/sell.


Members - free
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only current financial members are eligible to attend field days. Bookings are compulsory due to limited numbers. BOOK NOW


Wet Weather: Check our Facebook field day event page or tune into 2NURFM 103.7 or 1233 ABC Local Radio for updates on the day.


Car Pooling: Head over to our Facebook page and post in the field day event listing to offer or ask for a lift. Alternatively contact us via phone.


Share your knowledge for a sustainable future. Host a field day at your garden or farm.

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