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We are a community of people who are passionate about growing food in a sustainable way. Once a month we hold a field day where we can meet, exchange ideas, learn from each other and tour a farm or garden to get us excited about producing beautiful food. We welcome everyone, whether you are an experienced green thumb or just starting out with your first backyard vegie patch. Families welcome.


The Hunter Organic Growers Society is a not for profit community organisation run by volunteers in the Hunter Valley region.

We have been consistently promoting, providing education and building community around sustainable growing since 1979 - that's over 40 years!

Making connections is central to a strong community. We bring passionate growers together to share ideas about how we can create positive change.


Join us and be a part of the change you want to see.


Once a month on a Saturday we hold a field day to tour a farm, garden or other project in the Hunter or surrounding regions. It's a day for soaking up knowledge, sunshine, and exchanging ideas, produce and friendship. Once a year we hold a hands on workshop to really hone your skills for a sustainable lifestyle.

We publish a monthly newsletter for members to keep you up to date on upcoming events and what to plant now.

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We are gardeners, farmers, retirees and families, who share a passion for growing healthy food.


Some of us have a balcony, some acres, and some of us dream of our first harvest, or a self-sufficient life.

Our community is ever present. Jump onto our Facebook page and ask your burning gardening question, show off your harvest, or share an inspiring event.

We welcome everyone to join us, learn and become a part of our community.
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At a Maitland goat show, Judy Miller, with the help of a friend, signed up the first members of the Hunter Organic Growers Society in 1979. It was an era when permaculture and ideas around growing food organically were just starting to form.


The group ran meetings, published a magazine, and promoted the cause via field days and community stalls. They made information about sustainable growing in the Hunter accessible and formed a community around it.


One of our most treasured members, and past president,
Ern Hardes, supported the group from its very beginnings. We sadly said goodbye to him in July 2017 when he passed away. We commend his steadfast commitment over the decades. He was at the heart of who we are.


Nearly 40 years on, HOGS, as we are affectionately known, has continued to bring together and nurture a community of people that believe in healthy food and a sustainable future. We hope you can join us!


We run under a volunteer committee, who meet monthly for one hour at the beginning of each field day. Members, new and old, are welcome to get on board and help create the group they want to have! Would you like to join the committee? Contact us here.

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Vice President

General Secretary


Public Officer

Membership Officer

Newsletter Editor

Event Coordinator

Website Manager

Social Media & Publicity

Tea & Coffee

Mike Lorraine

Nestor Gutierrez

Gerda Maeder

Tracey Evans

Barbara Nudd

Melissa Fogarty

Melissa Fogarty

Tracey Evans

Bec Evans

Chiala Hernandez

Jennifer Richards

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