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What is seedling mix?

A mix of soil, creating all the right conditions for our seeds to germinate and grow.

Why seedlings?

It’s hard to keep a big garden moist and in the right conditions. With seedlings we can keep them in a protected place with all the right conditions. Water them easily, wait 'til they are nice and strong, and then place them in the garden. It uses the garden space much more efficiently.

What to look for in your mix?

Consistency of the materials. Look for something soft (not compacted) that the seed can rise through and move its roots through easily. It needs to retain water, but not too much. Seedlings need to stay moist and never dry out, but not waterlogged. Nutrients to grow healthy.


Dean's recipe:

·       2 parts finely sieved compost (nutrient medium)
·       2 parts dry cow poo or 2 parts coir fibre (moisture retention)
·       1 part coarse river sand (for drainage and de-compaction)

Thanks Dean (Pura Vida Organics) for sharing at our "Wisdom & Workshops" field day!


Maitland CWA Hall


Dean's Seedling Mix

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