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Pumpkin Seeds

Seed Saving

In saving seeds, we safeguard the stories of plants, preserving the legacy of nature for generations yet to bloom.

To help you in the journey of protecting seed and seed saving your local seed library can be super helpful.

"The Seed Library benefits individuals and the community. You can obtain free seeds for your garden and help build a collection of seeds for others.

Sharing seeds through the Seed Library will help preserve rare, tasty and heritage varieties for gardeners in our community. Through the return of successful seeds, over time a collection adapted to local conditions (climate, pests, soils, etc) can be achieved, strengthening the biodiversity and food security of our local community.

Growing from the Seed Library is a great way to teach children about the life cycle of plants, while learning new seed-saving skills yourself."  From the Newcastle Seed Library website.

Here is some information about seed libraries from the Port Stephens Seed Library.


Seed libraries are usually always accepting donations of seeds. Please contact them to

find out how to donate to your local seed library.


How to save seeds

We will continue to add to this section of the website over time. If you would like to support our efforts, please contact Melissa at

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