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Once a month join us to learn about growing vegetables & fruits, raising farm animals, and how to care for your soil. Meet the farmer, or tour a backyard growers garden. Make friends and exchange produce, ideas and smiles! Open to members and visitors.

Barb's place 
Wangi Wangi

10:00 a.m 

Saturday 30th July 2022



Join us at Barb and Paul’s place for a look around Barb’s varied and very biodiverse garden on a 840 sqm suburban house block, which is often buffeted by strong winds from Lake Macquarie. There are lots of plants available to take home, so bring your own buckets and tools to take cuttings and dig up bits and pieces. Many areas need some clearing and plants pruned, so it a perfect opportunity to help clear and salvage what you’d like. We’ll help Barb with assembling and positioning a range of plastic compost bins, then fill them from a ute load of her friend’s compost mix, which needs some additions and time to complete its composting.

After nearly 15 years living here, Barb and Paul’s bare kikuyu covered block now has abundant citrus trees and other interesting fruiting trees, with sections of native bush tucker trees and other natives for habitat. Hives of native stingless bees, worm farms, water tanks, solar panels, verge plantings.

Barb says the garden and old house were developed basically along permaculture lines, but with big changes made when Paul’s large work shed went in 2021. Much of the garden has not settled since. So she’d appreciate any ideas to simplify areas, to make it easier to maintain, control water flow etc.

If anyone has experience or interest in making ‘seed bombs’ there is plenty of clay and seeds available to have a play.


(NOTE: Lake Mac Grows/LMCC Crop Swap is on the same day at Toronto Community Garden at the Hub in the Boulevarde, 9-11 am if you’d like to pop in there on the way).

From 10.00 – have a cuppa and chat.

10.45 – garden tour and discussion, work plans

11.45 – Lend a hand! compost bins, clearing, taking cuttings etc

13.00  - own lunch and more talking! Leave or stay as you fancy, feel free to go when it suits you.

14.30 – committee meeting – non committee members may sit in if they wish (or keep pottering in the garden). Good chance to see what happens, as the AGM is coming up in August when people can join the committee.


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Share your knowledge for a sustainable future. Host a field day at your garden or farm.


Field Days Field days are usually held once a month except in January.

What to bring: A folding chair, lunch and drinks, hat and sturdy shoes, produce to swap/share/sell.


Members - free
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only current financial members are eligible to attend field days. Bookings are compulsory due to limited numbers. BOOK NOW


Wet Weather: Check our Facebook field day event page or tune into 2NURFM 103.7 or 1233 ABC Local Radio for updates on the day.


Car Pooling: Head over to our Facebook page and post in the field day event listing to offer or ask for a lift. Alternatively contact us via phone.

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