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Seed Saving

Here at the Hunter Organic Growers Society, we are committed to preserving the traditional methods of radish seed saving. Seed saving is a method of preserving and storing seeds from year to year, essential in ensuring the continuation of our crops.

Radish seeds take about six months to harvest so ensure you have the space in your garden.

Contact us to learn more about our seed saving workshops and events.

Image by Jason Leung


# 1. Choose the plants that have the most desirable characteristics for your needs, eg. the best looking, good sized, not bolting early, etc

#2. Ensure you have at least six radishes but 10-20 radishes to harvest seed from is better.

#3. Leave the radishes grow until they flower. The flowers will be pollinated and then grow pods. 

# 4. Wait until the pods dry and you can hear to seed rattle inside the pods. Open up the pods and drop the seeds into a bowl. It is as simple as that. Alternatively, put the pods in a pillowcase, break the pods, tips all the contents into a bowl and winnow the pod husks away.

# 5. Discard any seeds that are blemished or not formed.

#6.  Store in a paper bag and in a dark bottle. The method of storage of seeds is debatable.

The reason this method is suggested is that the paper will absorb any excess moisture and the jar will keep our weevils.

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