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Davidson's Plum (Davidsonia spp.) Davidsonia is a genus containing 3 tree species native to Australia that are commonly known as the Davidson's Plum. They occur naturally in rainforests in NE NSW and Queensland. All species have an edible sour fruit that is about 5cm long with beautiful burgundy coloured flesh. The fruit is usually covered in a bluey white bloom. They are highly regarded as gourmet bush food. Davidsonia pruriens ('pruriens' is the Latin translation of ‘an itching sensation’, a reference to the hairy leaves and stems) is taller than the other 2 species - Davidsonia johnsonii and Davidsonia jerseyana. The trees reach up to 12m in height, are slender and have fruit that are pro

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We are gardeners, farmers, and first time producers of our own backyard fodder, who meet monthly to learn about living and growing sustainably in the Hunter Valley and surrounds.

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