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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

We had a great day at Greenpatch Organic Seeds at Taree. Neville and Sophia have a beautiful property where they live and grow plants to collect their seeds. We were shown around their property starting with the cottage garden, where Neville and Sophia explained that they were after traditional cottage garden plants and hard-to-find species. These plants have become less popular in the big 'mainstream' nurseries and are being phased out of general circulation. The idea is that they will grow these plants to collect seed to be available to the public. What a wonderful idea to preserve some of our traditional and historic varieties of plants that you can no longer find easily available. We then went onto the fruit tree orchard and the growing rows that had many plants seeding beautifully. Neville took us to the shed and showed us how they separate the seed in varying ways, and when the best time is to collect the seed. They have around 400 (I hope I heard that amount correctly) varieties of seed that they collect and grow, and they have a nursery where they grow plants to order as well as general customers. HOGS members had a field day (literally!) buying many seeds and plants. Sophia shared some of her delicious spelt flour mulberry pie, and her gorgeous geranium cordial, and we were well looked after with tea and coffee and cold drinks, very welcome on a hot day.

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