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Elaringai Permaculture Field Day Report

One of the most exciting aspects of gardening is that it is a never-ending learning experience. For Kirsten and Gary of Elaringai Permaculture, the goal of establishing a functional and sustainable permaculture system has been fueled by their curiosity to experiment with a multitude of different methods, projects and ideations. They have cared for all menagerie of animals over the years. They have bred rabbits for the food market, and grown fish in their dam. Currently they share their home with ducks, turkeys, a few bellowing cows, destructive pigs, chooks, sheep, an attention seeking goat, adorable ponies and three gorgeous dogs. Not to mention all of the garrulous sulphur crested cockatoos and lorikeets who graced us with their loud, squawking presence on our tour.

The property extends for almost 12 acres, largely paddocks, with a wild yet productive food garden surrounding the house and shed where they live. Their food forest of citrus, mulberries, stone fruit etc is intermixed with native Australian bush tucker plants such as finger limes and macadamias. Many of the fruit trees were propagated from cuttings by Kirsten. They are on hard clay, so it has been a slow process to build up their soil. They have recently had a friend help to turn a large patch where they had planted out a lilli pilli forrest as a wind break for the house. And they plan to continue adding more natives such as tallowwood and various banksias and bottlebrush to surround the property with a tree dome that will act as a wildlife corridor and privacy screen. The property also featured an impressive aquaponics set-up, several bee hives, and various other DIY builds such as the grandkids outdoor play area and their organic build design hothouse made of recycled materials.

Thanks Kirsten and Gary for showing us around!


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