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River Flats Estate Field Day Report

“It’s my peaceful, serene sanctuary” describes Michelle, from BARE Nature’sKin.

Handmade soap and naturally sourced bathing essentials. The 'spring alchemy' of essential oils binding together with an olive oil base to produce a fragrant rich scent with a rustic, simple, homemade charm. “This place has an energy of its own. It’s my safe, happy nurturing place". This is evident in the warmth and gentle nature of her way.

Nestled at the foothills in the Pokolbin region of the Watagan Mountain range and bordering the gently meandering Wollombi Brook, the estate boasts an olive grove of over 5000 trees eyed watchfully, lovingly and tenaciously by Marian (Michelles mum) the paternal guardian of the estate, producing delicious infused olives and olive oil products. The Grove is home to goats, sheep alpacas, bee's and of course ‘Magnus’ Michelle’s faithful four legged, ever present mate helping to lead the farm tour. A slow afternoon better spent "I’ve never seen" ...... A homegrown arrangement of glass bottled yurts, old shed converted ("Bat Cave") houses, river flats and birds, just a simple style of living that warmed the heart and bought a smile, an instant connection to all who strolled the property.

A beautiful day!

Thanks to Steve and Mike for their photos! For more information on purchasing products from the farm, attending workshops or staying in their boutique farm stay accommodation see their websites below: Author: Steve Griffin


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