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February Field Day: Yoga, cuttings, herbs, and raising seeds workshops

Property Address: Maitland CWA Hall, 46 Church Street Maitland

Field Day Date: 24/2/24

Field Day Time: 10.00am – approx. 2:00pm

Field Day Schedule:

10:00 Morning tea

10:30 Session 1: Yoga with Therese

11:00 Session 2: Cuttings and propagation with Jesse

12:00 Shared lunch

12:45 Session 3: Seed raising workshop with Chiala

1:30 Session 4: Herb workshop with Mike

*Feel free to arrive at a time that suits you and participate in the workshops that interest you.

Event Description

Part 1 of our summer workshop series will get your garden ready for autumn and winter! We’ll have workshops on growing fruit trees and vines from cuttings and growing winter veggies from seed. We’ll also have a workshop on growing and preserving herbs, as well as a yoga session to get you moving better in the garden.

Session 1: Therese McCarthy

Experienced Yoga instructor Therese McCarthy will gently guide you through some amazing EASY stretches that will ease those stiff and problematic areas encountered by gardeners alike. No need to use a mat - these stretches and stances can be done on your feet - perfect to counteract aching backs and arthritic inflammation -even whilst in the garden. Therese has been teaching and practicing Hatha yoga for over 6 years and is also an avid gardener. Therese once owned an acre of gardens in Speers Point that was selected for the Australian open garden scheme in 2002. Yoga has helped her manage severe arthritis and enabled her to continue her love of gardening.

Session 2: Jesse Kelso

How to grow fruit trees and vines from cuttings. Learn to take cuttings of pomegranates, grapes, passionfruit, figs, mulberries, guavas and much more! The workshop will include information on how to take cuttings, propagation mediums, environmental controls to induce root formation, and post-transplant care.

Session 3:  Chialita Hernandez

There is nothing more rewarding than putting a seed in the soil and see it grow into a healthy and beautiful plant! Join us for our February field day and learn a few tips that will help you to achieve it. We will explore what is contained in a that tiny seed and what it will require to grow. Have ever wondered what type of growing medium you need? How much sun? How much water? When can it be transplanted? Well, bring your gardening gloves and huge smile (it is the most important part 😁) for a hands-on seed sowing session.

Session 4:  Mike Lorraine

My name is Michael Lorraine. I have been growing herbs for over 40 years. I was a foundation member of the Blue Mountains Herb Group which operated from 1987-2020. Our aim was to show people how beautiful and useful herbs are. How easy they can be to grow. I ran workshops, courses in the community colleges and from home. They were about growing, cultivating, and using the herbs and not to train herbalists. I'll be covering propagation, cultivation, herblore, varied uses and companion planting. I'll have plants and pictures. We'll have fun.

Parking:  Parking in Church St and surrounding streets.

Please Bring

  • Morning tea to share if you wish

  • Yoga mat or thick towel

  • Please bring something to share for lunch on the day

  • Plates, mugs and cutlery

  • Plastic pots, empty soft drink bottles and empty milk bottles for Jesse’s workshop, if possible. (Pot to be slightly larger diameter than bottle)

  • Surplus produce, seeds, or seedlings you'd like to bring for the swap & share table

Number of Tickets: Max 40 people


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