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HOGS Tales: Winter 1988

Did you know Hunter Organic Growers Society has been operating as a not-for-profit and serving our members since 1979 - that is 44 years going strong. We have been publishing journals, magazines and newsletters for a very long time.... so long this front cover pictured below comes from our 1988 Journal collection.

The current committee recently received some of our past issues (thanks to members who have kept them) and decided we would begin to celebrate this rich history by digitising them and re-sharing articles and interesting information with our current members. If you have any at your place and are happy for us to borrow them for this same purpose, please email Melissa at

Hunter Organic Growers Society Journal 1988 Winter

HOGS Tales $2

Winter 1988

Journal of the Hunter Organic Growers Society

Dear Mrs Smith (organic grower)

We are having a lovely time here up North. Its s warm and the beaches are filled with beautiful carrots. We will of course be back in times to be picked when we're ready, but as you know its s too cold at home where you are. We decided to send you a present, so find enclosed one HOGS Tales Magazine jam packed with great and interesting articles about how to look after us properly and organically.

Happy reading. See you soon.

Lots of love

The Carrot Family

By Jessica Miller

Hunter Organic Growers Society Inside Front Cover 1988 Winter

1988 Winter Journal inside front cover

H.O.G.S. stands for Hunter Organic Growers Society and is a group of people from many walks of life and of all ages, who are interested in farming and gardening without the use of artificial fertilizers and poisonous insecticides, and who wish to make the general public more aware that organic growing and its related activities can result in a better way of life.

We publish this small magazine four times per year - early March, June, September and November.

I almost started off this paragraph with "Well, Winter is once again upon us" but happened to glance at last edition's H.O.G.S. TALES and noticed that that's what I started with last time! Except of course, I used "Spring". Ho hum - so much for a variation on the theme. Nevertheless, the seasons seem to creep up on us so fast, it always seems to surprise me. What an atypical Autumn and Winter we've had so far - very mild, not at all cold except for the odd occasion, and quite wet. We haven't had a frost here at Kitchener (near Cessnock) yet, much is most unusual. So - our growing season has more potential I feel than the normal winter, so instead of sitting by the fire so much, we can be out there doing some gardening work and planting even still.

As always, I am on the lookout for articles from you. As I always say, the regular contributors are great and of course, the occasional contributors as well, but I will certainly need lots of articles for the next edition - this one is a little late (so what's new you say?), but hopefully the next edition Spring, will be out on time.

Please don't hesitate because you might feel you're not a competent writer - doesn't matter two hoots because I can edit your article if necessary, correcting spelling mistakes and the like and no-one will be any the wiser. We really would love to share your gardening experiences, joys and sorrows (and aren't there lots of those sometimes!?), so please, while you have a little time during the next six weeks put pen to paper and contribute. I would be most appreciative!

Many thanks to those kind folk who have voluntarily (or maybe forcibly!) contributed to this Winter edition.


Advertising in HOGS TALES is $8 per one-eighth page. Please contact Ern Hardes,

Membership fees are $15 per family or individual membership, and $8 for students, pensioners and those unemployed. Please direct all membership enquiries to SANDRA HARE

Please make cheques payable to HOGS or Hunter Organic Growers Society.

1987 - 1988 COMMITTEE

Bette Thomas - President

Melanie Rouse - Vice President

Maureen Guthrie - Secretary

Sandra Hare - Membership Secretary

Ern Hardes - Treasurer

Judy Miller - Editor

June Allen - Seed Bank Organiser

Peter Guthrie

Peter Thomas

Winsome Hardes

Marilyn Morris (Books)

Kel Merriman

Margo Thomson

Tony & Deidre Honson

Jack & Barrie Speight

Marcia Mulder

HOGS Tales: Winter 1988



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