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Pat Collins guest speaker at Kooragang City Farm and Community Garden

The August Field day was something of a double feature!

The day was held in the inspirational Kooragang City Farm and Community Garden and featured a presentation by herbalist Pat Collins. The Community gardens were amazing in their productivity, variety and beauty. It was a wonderful place to explore and discuss, allowing all members to gain valuable ideas to take home to their gardens. Thanks to one of the Community Garden members I received some invaluable advice for germinating our carrots which appears to have worked (maybe the fact that the dog has been kept off the garden has something to do with our success). In the afternoon we had a presentation from Pat Collins who has published a number of books on herbal therapies which highlight how common weeds can be used to improve our health. Pat's knowledge of weeds and herbal remedies was amazing and her enthusiasm clearly infectious as may members franticly took notes and photos. Personally, I have to admit that I hate weeding and have a tendency to put it off as long as I can.

Thanks to Pat, I have a new insight into this potential resource. I knew I put off weeding for a reason!

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