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June 2024 Field Day: Permaculture Property 'Adagio' with Meg McGowan & Graham King

Meg McGowan and Graham King are the current custodians of “Adagio”, a three and a half acre property on Darkinjung/Guningai land on the NSW Central Coast.

For this tour, Meg will provide a walk through of the garden that includes an overview of the permaculture design system. She will explain how the regenerated bushland is critical to the health of their system, and how the natural pattern of a forest provides the template for every other part of the garden. Meg will also be demonstrating some practical propagation techniques that she uses to economically manage the garden and you will have the opportunity to pot up a cutting and take it home.

Field Day Date: Saturday 1/06/2024

Field Day Time: 10.30am – approx. 3:00pm


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